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Quality. Flavor. Local. These values embody our malt and our culture at Deer Creek Malthouse. Whether you are a brewer, baker, or distiller, our ingredients are versatile and customizable, making them well suited for a variety of craft food and beverages applications.


From crystal clean and clear lagers to mixed-fermented saisons, we offer a variety of malt ingredients to help realize your craft beer dreams. We know you want to be unique; we can help you differentiate in a competitive marketplace.

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Let your artistry shine with fresh, local raw materials in the distillery. From clear spirits to barrel-aged whiskey, our malt ingredients add a depth of flavor only possibly from traditional floor germination techniques.

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Whether you are a baker, chef, or confectionary, malt can add flavor and complexity to any recipe that uses grain. Perfect for sourdough recipes as a fermentable, delicate enough for pastries, and robust enough for pasta and pizza recipes. Our malt ingredients are useful for many culinary applications.

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Whether you are an experienced home brewer, or making your first batch of beer, we’ve got you covered. Amaze your friends and family with home made pastas and breads like the pros with a little “malt pixie dust”. We ship direct and mill on demand to get you the freshest ingredients for your home brewing and baking needs.

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Product Name Style Specifications
Colonial Pils Extra Light Pilsner Malt Details Buy now
Colonial Pilsner Pilsner Malt Details Buy now
White Tail Pale American Pale Malt Details Buy now
Independence Pale UK Pale Ale Malt Details Buy now
Sweet Liberty Vienna Malt Details Buy now
PA Dutch Munich Malt Details Buy now
PA Double Dutch Dark Munich Malt Details Buy now
Pale Wheat Lightly Klined Wheat Malt Details Buy now
Twilight Wheat Toasted Wheat Malt Details Buy now
Pale Rye Lightly Kilned Rye Malt Details Buy now
Pale Sorghum Lightly Kilned Sorghum Malt Details Buy now
Pale Oats Lightly Kilned Oat Malt Details Buy now
Toasted Oats Toasted Oat Malt Details Buy now
First Crack Melanoidin Malt Details Buy now
Pale Buckwheat Lightly Kilned Buckwheat Malt Details Buy now
Pale Corn Light Kilned Corn Malt Details Buy now
Pale Spelt Lightly Kilned Spelt Malt Details Buy now
Distillers Malt Enzymatic Malt Details Buy now
Silver Spirit Distillers Amber Malt Details Buy now
Unmalted Grain Raw/unmalted grain Details Buy now
Custom Malt Made to Order Details Buy now
Hops Hops (several varieties) Details Buy now